Friday, November 7, 2008

Changed My Site

If anyone still looks at our blog (which you probably don't because it has been so long since I've updated), I have moved to a new site. It is Please come and visit! I will definitely be updating it often this time! It is private, so if you want access, email me at and I will add you to the list. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jill's Shower

June was a very busy month! The weekend after Jenny and Andy's wedding, we headed to Sulphur Springs, TX, for my sister-in-law's baby shower. She is due in August, and she and Chris are expecting a little girl, Tess. The shower was very nice! Jill's family is on her left, and Chris's family is on her right.We have done a lot of other family stuff lately too, including starting to work on Nora's room. More to come!

"Going to the chapel..."

I just wanted to congratulate Jenny (my sis), and Andy (my new bro-in-law)! They got married on June 14 and I am just now getting around to posting about it. Aren't they cute? Andy, we are so glad to have you as a part of our family, and hope you will enjoy being a part of ours! The wedding was beautiful...look on Facebook if you want to see more pics!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...

Well, We found out on Saturday that we are having a little girl! We spent the weekend with Kevin's family and went to an ultrasound clinic that some of our friends, Daniel and Shelly, own in Dallas. We had a really good time with Kevin's fam and it was so much fun to find out that it's a girl and that everything still looks great! Kevin was so convinced that it was going to be a boy (I thought it was a girl), that he was shocked when he heard the word "girl." We both teared up. We are very excited and cannot wait to meet her! I told Kevin that you can take girls fishing and hunting too!She had her legs crossed at first, but then decided to straighten them out...
And here she is...
I haven't uploaded the pictures with Kevin's family yet, but will do that soon. Thank you for all of your prayers for a healthy child. We really appreciate all of you!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Recent Events

We went for a check up on Tuesday and everything looks good with the baby! We heard its heartbeat and asked questions as usual. As we were wrapping it up, our doctor asked, "Is there anything else?" Kevin said, "I guess not, unless we could maybe look at the baby." I was embarrassed of course, to ask the doctor for something extra, but leave it to Kevin to just ask for what he wants (that's how he always gets free stuff everywhere we go...hotel upgrades, skipping to the front of security lines, etc.). Our doctor said we could go ahead and take a look, and here's what we saw! He said it is still a little too early to determine the sex, but I think he might have had an idea. We got to see a little leg kicking, fingers, toes, the whole deal. Kevin said, "This is the coolest thing I have seen in my entire life!"
This past weekend I traveled to Auburn, AL, with my family (Kevin had to work) to be with my sister as she graduated from nursing school. We had a really good time together and I got to be with my mom on Mother's Day too! This is my mom, sister, and I right after her pinning ceremony. Three nurses in a row!We waited for over 2 hours to take a picture in front of this sign. Apparently it's a big deal.
I was going to post a Mother's Day picture that I had with my mom, but my computer is being stubborn, so I will just say a belated Happy Mother's Day to you, Mom! My mom is so special to me, and I think that I appreciate her more and more now that I'm going through this pregnancy. She has given up so much for me and my siblings. She is such a servant with the most giving heart. I know I will look to her for support and as an example as I try to do this whole mother thing. Thank you so much Mom! I love you!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Galloping horses

Well, yesterday was a big day for us...we had our 12 week appointment and heard the baby's heartbeat! It sounded like horses galloping. We were both very excited of course, but I had a lot of fun watching Kevin's reaction. I know many of you have already experienced this, but it is just amazing. It reminded me of what a miracle life really is. It is undoubtedly a gift from God.

We also went to Dallas last weekend for a Heartlight fundraiser. It was a lot of fun. I have pictures but need to get them uploaded, so I'll post them later.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Big News!

As you can see from the ticker above, we are pregnant! We're a little over 10 weeks along, and everything has gone pretty well so far. We are very excited, of course! I have been pretty anxious this first trimester because we had a miscarriage with our last pregnancy, but things seem to be different this time around. Just wanted to share our good news and leave you with a little picture of our baby. I looks like a little gummie bear here. This ultrasound was at 7 weeks, 5 days, so hopefully it's a little bit bigger now! We'll keep you updated!